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With MakeupGeek recently landing on Beauty Bay, it was all I could do to not desperately claw at my computer till I owned them all. But being a responsible adult and recognising that I had bills to pay and food to eat, I knew this wasn't possible. But when I finally calmed my beauty blogger senses, I found the choice of eyeshadows overwhelming and didn't know where to start.

Surely and slowly since November, I've accumulated several shadows and built up what I believe to be my ideal palette. And will hopefully help you if you're looking to narrow down your selection. I haven't done any swatches because honestly, the colour you see is the colour you get.

From left to right: Ice Queen, Confection, Purely Naked and Starry Eyed (Foiled shadow).

I decided to go for some basic pale colours and of course, I had to go for neutrals. I love Ice Queen for inner corner highlight, Confection for in my crease if I'm doing a pink toned look and Purely Naked and Starry Eyed mixed with Fix + for an intensely shimmery lid.

(From Left to right: Magic Act (foiled), Latte, Mocha and Americano)

Again, I really had to build up my matte collection to use in the crease to really create definition and deepen the crease. Magic Act is again a really pretty colour that I use as an inner crease highlight. Latte is probably closest to my skintone but is just different enough to help shape my eye. Mocha is my ideal cool toned dark brown which is brilliant for lining my lower lash and Americano is a purple toned brown which is ideal for avoiding looking like you have a black eye.

(From Left to Right: Moondust, Bada Bing, Brown Sugar and Grandstand (foiled).)

These are all shimmery colours because well, I couldn't resist and when I do go out, I like an excuse for a bit of shimmer. Moondust is an incredible shimmery silver, Bada Bing has incredible flecks of gold running through it, Brown Sugar reminds me of Half Baked and Grandstand is simply stunning if you use Fix + to intensify the colour.

(From left to right: Prom Night, Vintage, Pretentious and Bitten)

Prom Night reminds me so much of an industrial looking silver, almost tarnished looking but the shimmer adds a lovely element of femininity. Vintage is more purple than it shows up in the picture but it's not too bold that you risk looking like a black eye, but it's subtle enough to add colour. Pretentious is a gorgeous khaki green that is so unlike anything I've ever seen and this looks amazing when paired with an otherwise standard brown smokey eye. And Bitten is just stunning. It reminds me a lot of MAC's Cranberry but it's ideal for Autumn toned colours. 

(From left to right: Roulette, Mango Tango, Poppy, Flame Thrower (foiled) and Typhoon (duochrome.)

Now these colours are more out of my comfort zone but all beautiful. Roulette and Mango Tango are beautiful orange toned pinks, Poppy is incredibly bright but stunning peach colour and Flame Thrower literally looks unbelievable. The only downside is that it's slightly flakey but it looks unbelievable with a wet brush. And finally, Typhoon was such an impulse buy but it's a duochrome shadow that looks unbelievable. Very mermaid-esque.

So I hope this post helped if you're looking into MakeupGeek shadows and honestly, they are all so buttery and pigmented I would say they're worth looking at (and a fraction of the price of MAC shadows!).