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Good morning readers of Life of Ellie Grace, I'd like to introduce you to my baby brother, James who is the star of today's post. Quite frankly, it seems like I've been nagging him for years to either a) start up a fashion blog or b) get his ass on instagram and build a following so that I can become social media famous. But with sufficient cohesion, he's here as my Ken Doll to dress up as I please.

Racing Green at Debenhams reached out to me to style a man in my life so here we are.

Because James has quite a distinctive sense of dress, I wanted to keep the look young and fresh which is why I styled him in two separate looks. Whilst James does so love dressing up, he's definitely more comfortable in a sweatshirt and jeans which is why the first outfit was my first choice. The Navy Blue Crewneck is pretty much a wardrobe staple and looks so good when paired with simply Mid-wash Straight Leg JeansAs a uni student, this is definitely something I can see him wearing on a day to day as I'm not sure anyone can be bothered with much more for a 9am lecture!

But the second outfit was definitely more something I've been trying to convince him to wear for ages. The White Oxford shirt is a really textured cotton fabric which definitely makes it far more casual than your average white button up. I think when paired with the same mid-wash jeans and this Khaki Bomber Jacket  really modernises the outfit. Paired with a pair of James' combat boots, the outfit is the epitome of smart casual. I adore the whole white shirt and blue jeans aesthetic and after James saw these photos, he was definitely far more on board with the whole idea than before! You can find more shirt alternatives here.

What do you think of these outfit ideas? Any male styles you like? Would you like to see me style James more?

Top fashion bloggers

top fashion bloggers