Tips for Moving House

moving house, tips for moving house

As you read this, I'll be in the final stages of moving house, in fact I move house tomorrow! It's been quite a long drawn out process and I find the hardest thing about moving house is the lead up to it. I wish it was the kind of thing I could just snap my fingers and have done in a second, but unfortunately it isn't. 

But there are a couple of things to bear in mind to help (attempt to) reduce stress, make things easier and just speed up the actual moving day.

  • Label all your boxes. This seems really obvious but I didn't label my boxes last time and it was a nightmare. 
  • Organise your boxes by room. Again, I started doing this last time but ran out of boxes and ended just shoving everything together which seemed a great idea at the time but when it came to unpacking, I regretted everything.
  • Utilise suitcases. Because I travel alot, I have a good number of suitcases so started the packing process by making sure all these were full to not only reduce the number of boxes but to make sure they weren't rendered useless!
  • Pack your essentials in a suitcase or one box. Depending on how long your moving might take, I definitely think it's worthwhile packing things you'll need for the first night in one suitcase or box. This makes it far easier if you're shattered after a day of moving and can't face unpacking any boxes straight away.
  • Pack bedding with freshly washed sheets. Because I'm lazy, I wash my sheets and then put them on my pillows & duvet, and then pack them in a plastic zip bag. This means I can make my bed really quickly with minimum effort. Again a great thing to do if you've had a long moving day. 

So I hope if you're moving house soon that this is helpful and provides a few helpful tips & tricks!