Tips for Getting Out of a Funk

Having a bad day is pretty much something the entire human race has in common. We all have them but obviously to varying degrees. When I have a bad day, I encounter major desensitisation and honestly it makes me want to just stay in bed and eat something seriously greasy and watch Parks & Rec which unfortunately, doesn't help my mental state. But as I've become more acquainted with the signs associated with spiralling into this state, I've been able to overcome it and avoid being bed bound for longer than necessary.

  1. Get into the shower. I know this sounds blatantly obvious, but if you've ever had a bout of desensitisation, you'll know that even the simplest of tasks seem like a big deal. I find a really hot shower and a shower gel with a strong fragrance, really perks me up. I like using a tea tree shampoo as it makes my scalp tingle & get's my blood flowing. It's the same deal as when you're poorly - you don't know how big of a deal a shower is till you've had it!
  2. Go for a walk & do some stretching. I'm not being ridiculous here and telling you to do a 45 minute spin class, but sometimes just sticking on a podcast and going for a walk does wonders for your mental state. I know again, it sounds ridiculous but getting your muscles moving & fresh air, really helps things seem brighter. If leaving the house really isn't going to happen, then just sit on the floor and do some basic stretching, it'll wake your muscles up and pull yourself together.
  3. Bake. If you hate cooking, this might not be for you but I find a spot of baking or cooking really de-stresses as I'm focusing on whatever I'm making as opposed to how rubbish everything seems. It doesn't even matter if you don't fancy eating any of it, the number of times I turn up to my friends houses with baked goods.... (They love me for it). 
  4. Talk to someone. This doesn't have to be someone you know, it could simply be the cashier at the corner shop but actually using words can be helpful. Social interaction is often a brilliant way of again loosening everything up mentally and avoid living in a pit. Obviously if you live with other people, badger them instead. 
  5. Read a book or magazine. Sometimes the internet really isn't the best place when everything seems rubbish as it's easy to get caught up in negativity. I find taking some time, even ten minutes, away from the internet & social media can be really helpful.
  6. Have an early night. Sometimes a bad day can be down to tiredness so it's absolutely worth having a nice bath and then an early night. A full night of sleep can work wonders, but if you're having trouble sleeping, it might be worth having something like a sleepy time tea or a natural sleep aid just to encourage drowsiness. Not dangerous but helpful if you know you'll spend hours staring at the ceiling.

Do you suffer from bad days? What are some of your favourite ways to get out of a funk?