For Dry & Brittle Nails

dry brittle nails

Skin, hair, lips - if their dry, most people know how to combat them as they're widely acknowledged but not so much nails. Maybe because they don't make such an impact as they can be covered up, but it seems like their often forgotten. (I'm definitely one of those people who used to not even bother). But it's like everything, once you sort them out, you realise how bad they were.

dry brittle nails

I almost always have my nails painted so the first step was to go paint free. (Gasp). But it worked. For about three weeks, I painted my nails with purely the L'Oreal Treatment which means they still looked nice and shiny but really helped them heal from several months of gel nails.

Everyday on top of that, I would either regularly apply this &OtherStories Hand Cream or rub Argan Oil into my cuticles. The combination not only meant that my hands were nice and soft but it also improved my cuticles by softening them.

But when I moved back into painting my nails again, I made sure that they were in great condition to start with which meant applying the Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat which not only helped strengthen my nails but prevented the nail from discolouring from any strong colours. I've also tried the Nails Inc Nail Kale which is a super shiny alternative and cheaper than the Essie equivalent.

Do you take care of your nails?

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