5 Podcasts for Gals on the Go

top 5 podcasts

Since I discovered Serial, I've been obsessed with podcasts. In some ways they remind me of youtube videos with the chatty style and I find myself getting sucked in. They're a great alternative to reading on the bus - and ideal if you drive! After three weeks of holiday, I've been getting acquainted with the Podcast "store" so thought I would share my favourite podcasts - and no, this isn't another list with Serial on it. But honestly, go listen to Serial first.

the guilty feminist podcast

The Guilty Feminist: This is my all time favourite podcast of all time. It's a chatty podcast between two comedians Deborah Frances-White and Sofie Hagen and a guest star who has some relevance to the episode. It's honestly hilarious. The whole premise is that despite being a feminist, we've still been manipulated by society to some extent. Sofie & Deborah are hilarious and absolutely brilliant. Its a perfect witty mix of comedy & feminism.

The podcast also features a weekly challenge relating to the topic where both Sofie & Deborah have to do something that often makes them uncomfortable. Their retellings are hilarious. One week involved a life drawing class. Enough said.

Ted Talks Audio: The main thing that puts me off Ted Talks is the fact that they're quite long and often I simply don't have the time to concentrate wholly on a video. This podcast is simply the audio from Ted Talks so you can still get the jist of the video without watching the video equivalent.

As per most Ted Talks, it's very thought provoking and great to listen to - the only thing you miss out on is the powerpoint or display if they have any.

What Would A Feminist Do? This is a Guardian podcast so it's very thorough and well read and less funny than the guilty feminist but it hits all the key parts of issues faced as a feminist in today's society.

I love the angle it comes from and they often interview various people who are specialists on the topic or who have experienced things themselves (sexual harassment etc) so are well versed to speak on the topic.

2 Dope Queens: Yet another hilarious podcast with feminist undertones, two comedians from Queens analyse key parts of the week. Very funny, and you'll probably laugh out loud. It's essentially stand up and is based upon their shows but it's also based around specific topics such as Halibut (as in the fish). 

Not Too Deep: This is Grace Helbig's podcast and it's fab. Very witty, funny and it features many of your fave youtubers. Grace is hilarious and it's really nice to hear Youtubers in a different (and often more relaxed light) than their channels.

It's also a nice alternative to watching youtubers - it means you're able to pay more attention to what they're saying as opposed to fancy editing and/or pretty fairy lights that seem to be in the background of every single video.