Why Being a #GirlBoss Is The Worst

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The other day I found myself bragging about how hectic my calendar was. Yes, bragging. Bragging over the fact that I hadn't had an evening off in two weeks and bragging over the fact that I couldn't remember the last time I had a full day to myself. And there's something very wrong with that. 

Along with the trend of #GirlBoss has come a rapid growth in the desire for people to be busy. My twitter timeline is essentially saturated with both bloggers and non-bloggers saying how "busy" they are. But is that honestly healthy? And I can hand on heart say that I've fallen into that trap way too many times. Because busy-ness has an appeal.

But culturally, there is an issue with it. 

What is it that has driven us to this point where a day off is only valid when it's "much needed"? Whatever happened to recognising that people can't be run off their feet all the time? Why is there such a sense of self-worth manifested within the concept of not stopping? Fundamentally, there is an issue here.

It's almost as if being too busy is a status symbol. The busier you are, has to equate to being a better blogger because if you're not at meetings all day, then what are you doing with your life?

We need to hit the brakes, literally and culturally.

Take a step back once in a while. If you've had a long week at work, we need to remove the guilt of having a weekend locked in your house and refusing to see people. Sometimes people need a break. 

There's no shame in taking a break, there's no shame in putting your out of office on your emails (even if you're not on holiday) and there should certainly be no shame in not being busy.

And I've certainly taken a step back. Whilst I am impeccably organised, I'm trying not to be on social media 24/7 and I'm no longer saying yes to every event under the sun. Because it's okay not to be busy. And it's more than okay to take an entire week or month off. 

So seriously, put down your phone and take a step back. Take a deep breath and stop. Because you're only going to burn yourself out.

Trust me, it's not worth it.