8 FREE Christmas Desktop and iPad Wallpapers


Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat, it's totally time to change your desktop wallpaper.... (Okay, that totally didn't go with the tune but hey, it's definitely time to change your wallpaper to something suitably festive).

I'm unbelievably obsessed with regularly changing my wallpaper and there's something nice about changing it with the seasons. And normally I spend ages going through pinterest, but this year, I thought I'd put together my own selection of home made (by me) festive wallpapers. These very much reflect my own personal style so there aren't too many garish bright colours and most are fairly minimal so I hope you like them.

If you like them as much as I do, don't forget to share this post on Pinterest!

Pale Pink Baby It's Cold Outside (Desktop) (iPad)

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe (Desktop) (iPad)

Merry Christmas Watercolour Stripe (Desktop) (iPad)

Icy Merry Christmas (Desktop) (iPad)

Merry & Bright Gold Polka Dot (Desktop) (iPad)

Forest Noel (Desktop) (iPad)

Season's Greetings (Desktop) (iPad)

Tis The Season Eucalyptus Wreathe (Desktop) (iPad)

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