Bedtime Skincare Essentials

In my opinion, there is nothing better than going to bed with your skin feeling fresh and covered in yummy skincare. I think night time skincare is some of the most important time for your skin as it's completely free of makeup and able restore and rejuvenate away from the biting cold. It also means that if you get it right, you have the chance to wake up the next morning with glowing soft skin. Trust me, there's nothing better.

As it's winter, my skin has been quite a bit drier than usual (shock horror), so I use the night to really pack on the moisture and I do this by layering my products.

Once I've cleansed my skin early evening, I go for an oil. My all time favourite which should be no surprise, is the Antipodes Divine Facial Oil. I've been using this regularly for over two years and every time I forget about it and then use it again, I kick myself for not using it more. Because of the high levels of Vitamin E, combined with the Rosehip, it easily reduces any redness or spots and really leaves my skin feeling so soft. My only issue is that it is quite oily so I tend to wear it when my hair is up or when I'm planning on washing my hair as it can make my hair go oily. But it's worth it. I try to leave this on for about an hour before I go in with my moisturiser.

My current intense moisturiser is the Eucerin Hyaluron Filler Day Cream. Now I have no idea how dry your skin would need to be to use this as a day cream as it's so intensely moisturising. I pop this on, on top of the oil to really pack it in. Some days, this is intense enough to use by it's self but I do like the combination of the two.

And then before bed, I slather on Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. This is one of my current favourites and has slightly surpassed my love for the Nuxe Reve de Miel as it tingles. I find the tingle to be really soothing for cracked or painful lips (hello, Miss Lip biter). I only apply this at night because it is white, so looks a bit bizarre in public. But it's really good.

I change my skincare dependent on how my skin is feeling. So a few times a week, instead of the Divine Facial Oil, I like to go for the Caudalie VinoPerfect Radiance SerumI love this to help with any pigmentation. I apply this straight after cleansing and make sure it really sinks in for a good while. This is probably one of my favourite Caudalie products as it has not only softened my skin but is so light that it doesn't feel like I have a heavy serum on! It has definitely helped to reduce some faint acne scarring and I find this also helpful for making spots less obvious.

If my skin isn't too dry and feels fairly normal, I reach for the Flint+Flint 4x Moisturiser. Although this feels really light, it's a really nourishing moisturiser. It has a lovely texture and is ideal as a fairly standard night cream. It could be used for day time but I find the way it dries on my skin isn't ideal for subsequent makeup application but when I'm going makeup free, I love a bit of this too. It's definitely a lighter moisturiser but probably slightly more heavy than a typical day cream. 

So there we have it, everything I like to keep on my bedside table. I find keeping skincare next to my bed, really reminds me to apply it - believe it or not, it's fairly easy to forget!

What are some of your nighttime skincare favourites?