Shower Time Favourites

I'm definitely more of a shower person than a bath. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you can't beat a good old Lush Bathbomb, but as someone with long hair, I need a good shower to feel clean. So, here are the things I've been using consistently and loving.

Dandruff is something many of us get. I don't think it's something to be ashamed of but dandruff shampoo is the worst. I've tried it all and it really stinks (literally). So, after scrounging the shelves of Superdrug, I stumbled across the brand "Noughty" which is a fairly natural and paraben free option and picked up their Care Taker Shampoo which is designed for dandruff prone scalps and contains ingredients like oats. This is wonderful! It doesn't make my hair feel heavy and it doesn't lather too much which is reassuring. I use this once or twice a week and it has definitely made a difference. Once I've run down my shampoo supplies, I'm definitely going to be having a nosy at more Noughty products as I'm definitely getting in to more natural haircare. 

Moving swiftly away from natural products is my current purple shampoo. For the past month or so, I've been using the Fudge Urban Clean Blonde Shampoo to try and knock some of the more yellow tones out of my balayage. I've really been liking this and think it's one of the best purple shampoos that I've tried. However, it is quite drying so I tend to try and use it sparingly. 

For general body wash, it should be no surprise that I've been loving Soap&Glory Sugar Crush. This is a bit of an old favourite and feels like a hug every time I use it. It's the perfect balance between sweet and citrus and always goes down a treat! I have a massive pump bottle because it's so darn good. (I'm currently finishing off a shower gel I'm trying so the bottle pictured is a brand new one just waiting to be used!). I also have a mini version of this for travelling - because I love it that much.

A surprising new favourite has been the Soap&Glory Scrub of Your Life. I've tried Soap&Glory's Sugar Crush scrub but was never a massive convert because of the packing but this was something I was willing to try due to the squeezy tube. And I love it. I've been trying to exfoliate far more and this really does the trick. It has the standard Pink scent (which I adore) and really works a treat! It really makes a shower more of a pamper than anything else.

And finally, less of an in shower treat but more of a post shower option. For as long as I can remember, I've been trying to moisturise more and only recently have I actually been inclined to due to crazy dry/scaly skin. Not cute. So I've been using the Soap&Glory Smoothie Star Body Milk which is a light moisturiser. This sinks in really quickly and has a subtle almond smell which isn't too overpowering. I love it and find it ideal for post shower as I hate feeling sticky. 

You might note there is no conditioner favourite because I've been loving using an intense hair oil instead. But of course, conditioner recommendations are always welcome!

Do you have an in-shower fave? Let me know!