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Dress: Boohoo | Boots: Stuart Weitzman | Coat: Missguided

With winter in full force, dresses are not something I normally go for because well, it's bloomin' freezing at the moment, but when I was challenged to style up this dress, it was something I welcomed. 

Over the Knee boots are a trend I'm very much behind as they provide the insulation you typically lose when you pull on a dress. They're everywhere at the moment and are a great way of toning down the formality of dress and adding a bit of an urban edge (something I never thought I'd type).

I'm a massive fan of off shoulder dresses particularly as years of swim training have meant that my shoulders aren't all that bad. The deep red colour is a lovely change in my wardrobe from my usual black. This Boohoo version is now a firm favourite and I'm obsessed. 


Paired with a long crepe coat, there is something about this outfit that is so wearable and so chic. I'm obsessed with long coats as they're incredibly flattering and slimming which is exactly what you want in an outfit!

Best fashion blogs

best fashion blogs