The 5 People You Find on Online Dating Sites*


Online dating sites are fab. In a world where face to face interaction is definitely not as common as it may once have been, the idea of meeting someone outside of online dating sites can seem rather difficult. You don't want to date someone from work because that could get messy, you don't want to date a roommate because again, messy - it's hard to know where to go. And most of us gravitate towards online dating solutions. 

But with the benefits of online dating, there are also quite a few themes and common types of people you'll come across - people that everyone recognises. So as a bit of a laugh, I thought I'd put together a list of the 5 people you will always find on online dating.

1. The no-profile-picture ménage à trois Searcher.

Within minutes of setting up your account, I can almost guarantee that you'll spot an individual without a profile picture either because they're looking for either a marital affair or someone to join in... I don't think I need to elaborate further, because we've all seen it or been messaged by this individual. No thanks.

2. The Nice Guy.

Whilst there are so many amusing people or stereotypes on online dating, there is always someone who is genuinely lovely. Often their dating profile has their heart poured out into it - or they're brutally honest in the first message about wanting to settle down. There's something lovely about the complete sense of commitment and honesty in a world where one night stands are not uncommon. The type of guy that your nan would love.

3. "Hey xxxx *monkey emoji*"

Need I elaborate further? If you're female and on an online dating site, there will always be those blokes who message you with plenty of monkey emoji's and can't hold a conversation beyond 'you okay?'. Maybe rather attractive, but not much more beyond that.

4. The dreamboat who never replies.

There is always the absolute dreamboat who ticks all the boxes - from the physical to the bio to everything, but they never reply. Within hours all dreams of your stunning wedding are destroyed and you have but their profile picture to admire. Sometimes it's just not meant to be.

5. The """Sugardaddy"""

Now, I put this in quotation marks because I 100% never buy into claims that these guys are in fact actually looking to pay off your student debt. They may claim to be millionaires but surely that's the start of a superficial relationship? But you do you, why not message them and see if it is actually too good to be true or not. Let me know if it all works out....

So there you have it. In all honesty, I think online dating sites are probably one of the best ways to get out there in today's tech-savvy world and I have many a friend who has met a partner or spouse on websites like these! But I thought it'd be a bit of fun to chat about the stereotypes of people that do frequent such websites. Because we've all been there!

Ellie Dickinson