My New Makeup Set Up + Everyday Makeup Favourites

With moving house has come a new bedroom and with a new room has (obviously) come a new makeup set up as due to an amazing sloping ceiling, and the location of windows, I've had to position furniture etc in a way that I can apply my foundation without the risk of poor application due to bad lighting. 

Whilst in my old place, I had a dedicated surface where all my makeup was kept, this time around it's split. My everyday makeup is on one surface near a window and the other is on top of my chest of drawers where I use the top drawer to store the rest of my makeup. So far, it's worked really well as on a day to day I use the same products and rarely need anything else unless I'm going for a foundation as opposed to my daily BB cream favourites. But here's the new breakdown.

I've also been keeping my day to day brushes in an old Diptyque jar so that I can stay in the same place as I do it. Again, I tend to use the same brushes on a regular basis. I place this along with my various tubes on a marble tray I picked up from H&M home so that everything is on a surface and I don't leave chance to something leaking all over my white furniture, but it also just looks far more organised and makes dusting so much easier. On a rushy morning, my makeup used to end up scattered all over my old dresser anyway so I find having a little tray to pop it in helps give the illusion of tidiness. And then the bottles that need to be stood up eg. setting sprays, primers etc, I leave next to the tray as they're all in quite big bottles that are less "scatterable". I like to think it looks artfully messy.....

Would you like to see a post on my day to day makeup? Also, regular blog posts will be back soon! As I've just moved in, things have only just been unpacked but do not fret, they're coming!