Making the Ultimate Pizza with Pizza Express

It should be no surprise that I'm a big fan of food and whilst I do occasionally consume an entire bag of mini eggs, I have a definite savoury tooth and would rather go for a bag of crisps. So It was pretty obvious that I wasn't going to turn down an invitation from Pizza Express to experience one of their Pizza Making parties.

I'm already a big fan of Pizza Express as I have many a friend with a dietary restriction of some sort so places like Pizza Express seem to have everything covered. (I brought along a friend who is a vegan and I can tell you, she thoroughly enjoyed her pizza!)

The pizza making party is as it sounds, my fellow bloggers and I were seated at a tucked away table before the making began. One of the most exciting parts was trying to achieve the perfect pizza base. We were provided with the dough but it was far harder than expected to achieve the perfect circle that would then fit in our pizza tray! And then of course, we were given the ultimate task of decoration. I went for anchovies, pepper, mushrooms and olives and can testify that this combination was certainly a win! It was so much fun and a great idea for an evening out and to make a special occasion a bit more exciting.

There are a whole range of menus as part of the Adult Pizza Making Experience to suit your budget, but I would highly recommend having a look.