The Lavish List - 5 Tips For Perfecting Your Winter Look This Holiday Season

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With summer now well and truly behind us, thoughts of light layers, floaty dresses and cute sandals have faded to a distant memory. For followers of fashion, it’s an exciting time of year as the autumnal styles hit the shelves and the first of the winter woollies appear in the store windows. Time to shop!

However, as the temperatures drop and winter settles in, we see warm and cosy taking priority over style and fashion. This doesn’t have to be the case. With a few simple styling tips, you can look great while staying warm on the coldest, darkest days of winter. You just need to be a little more creative and make smart style choices.

Keep reading to find out our top tips for perfecting your winter look and bringing some glam to the gloomy winter months.

Rock Those Boots

If there’s one thing every fashion-forward female should have in her winter wardrobe, it’s a pair of great women’s boots. Match a pair of over-the-knee boots with a shorter dress for a sophisticated, classy look. Or strut your stuff in your favourite ankle boots paired with cuffed jeans for a more laid-back, casual vibe. No matter where you’re venturing out to in the cold, a good pair of boots is the best way to finish any winter outfit.

Layer Like a Pro

Layering is not just fashionable it’s functional. When the temperature gets really low, layering your clothes is hands-down the best way to stay cosy and stylish. Don’t be afraid to get creative and have fun with it.

A pair of sheer stockings or tights under a pair of ripped jeans is a great way to maintain your look and beat the cold. Try layering a long sleeve turtleneck under a figure-flattering sweater under a light cardigan and a warm winter coat. All those layers will definitely keep you warm while still look fab!

Break Out the Belts

For most of us, one good winter coat is as much as we usually have in our wardrobe. When you’re tired of looking at the same old coat, try breathing some new life into it with a belt. Cinching your waist gives the coat an entirely new look and this trick will work with just about any style coat you can think of. Experiment with different belt colours and styles to perfect your look.

Spruce Up Your Look With Scarves

There is more than one way to wear a scarf and winter is the perfect time to try them all out. With vintage being more in than ever, the retro look of a scarf tied around your head is a trendy look that will keep your ears warm!

Drape a scarf around your shoulders for a touch of class or go for the classic easy folded loop look. Test out different materials, patterns, lengths and colours and find something that works well with your wardrobe.

Wear a Winter Hat

Of all the winter accessories available, a hat is a must. From faux-fur to cool beanies, from cute bear-eared hats to knitted slouch bobble hats, there is no shortage of styles to choose from. Don’t be afraid to reach outside of your comfort zone, dare to make bold choices and try a few different styles until you find a look that suits you.

Stay In-Style this Winter

Keeping warm during the cold winter months doesn’t mean giving up on your style. Wear layers, keep your winter coat looking fresh with a selection of belts and strut your stuff in a pair of classy winter boots.

With so many fabulous and functional winter accessories on offer, there’s no reason you should have to resign yourself to a fashion-free festive season. Don’t be left out in the cold this winter, perfect your look, stay warm and feel like a million quid!   

Ellie Dickinson