The Purple Shampoo Edit

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Not too long ago, I went from a normal balayage to a silvery cool toned Balayage and it looks amazing (if I say so myself...). But my hairdresser warned me that theres a lot more upkeep to it than just swooshing around with ashy hair. Who knew?

So I've been trying out several different Silver and Purple shampoos, from Bleach to L'Oreal Professional to finally ProVoke, I feel like I've tried them all and have settled on my set. 

Purple shampoo is definitely far more drying than anything else I've tried and as my hair is now far more bleached than normal, I've been using hair masks far more than usual. Once a week, I incorporate an Olaplex treatment into my routine which is a pre-shampoo deep condition and it really softens my hair and makes it feel far more manageable. If I use this, I use it prior to a toning shampoo to avoid too much damage.

I don't use a toning shampoo every day as they are so drying but once or twice a week, I pop on the Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo and either have a bath or wrap my hair in clingfilm so it can sit for about 10-15 minutes and really knock the yellow out of my hair. I then wash it normally with the Provoke Touch of Silver Colour Care Shampoo and then go onto the Intensive ConditionerThis is definitely a really rich conditioner and instantly softens my hair. It's tinted with purple so continues with the whole anti-brasiness brigade. And aside from the Olaplex, they're all cheap as chips. It's a win from me!

And that's how I've kept my hair ashy! Of course it's not as grey as when it was done by the hairdresser but I'm pretty pleased at how well I've managed to keep up a silver tinge which I love. 

If you have blonde hair or a balayage, whats your hair routine like?

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