Ultimate #FoodGoals Instagrammers

As a self confessed foodie and instagrammer, there is nothing I love more than aesthetically pleasing pictures of food. Whether it’s stacks of fluffy pancakes or a flatlay prior to baking, I love a good ole’ food Instagram. And there is nothing more #foodgoals than scrolling through your Instagram and suddenly feeling inspired and very A La Masterchef.

So when Book A Table sent over their top 9 food instagrammers list, it provoked a massive follow spree…

@mrjackbaker (although only number nine) has to be one of my favourite instagrammers from the list, partially because his whole feed aesthetic seems to go and partially because his pictures of burgers are just *heart eyes emoji*. As much as I love pictures of avocado on toast, I do love a range of food from across the world. It’s a yes from me. (Also, big yes for the food in action pictures from his time travelling South East Asia).

@londoneater is my next favourite on the list because there’s something about dark, high contrast images that just do it for me. Give me shadowy Instagram pictures any day… From desserts to mouthwatering mains, I’m all for this account. It’s another follow from me and quite a lot of Instagram stalking… It also helps when the food isn’t from the opposite side of the world and is mildly accessible…

@herfavfood is again, a bloggers paradise. Not only are there countless photos of French Pastries but also a good number of stereotypical macaron pictures. Throw in a couple of bunches of flowers for maximum bolkeh effect and I’m sold.

And then of course @healthyanja because there is a balance of healthy foods and treats which suits me to a tee. I’m sure you know how much I love vaguely exciting breakfasts and when balanced with intense cakes and brownies, I’m satisfied.


Have you checked out Bookatable’s list of top instagrammers? Any favourites? Do you follow any of them?

This is a sponsored post but all opinions, as always, are honest.

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