Ugly Side of Beauty

So as amazing as makeup is, there are also the less fun parts to being a beauty blogger and keeping everything maintained. This is definitely based on personal preference but I thought I'd share the kind of things I do on a less regular basis than makeup. I feel that upkeep like this just helps me feel a bit more put together (and somewhat cleaner)...

First might be a slightly obvious one, but shaving. I shave my legs & underarms 2/3 times a week depending on my outfit choice, although I definitely haven't shaved my legs in two weeks... I normally use disposable razors and a foaming shower gel like the budget Imperial Leather version. It means I get a clean shave but it's cheaper than shaving gel. When I'm done, I cover my legs in bio oil to avoid any scarring and because they're actually mega dry.

Then onto the face. I haven't quite summoned the guts to go Carli Bybel on my face and shave it but I do use Nair Hair Removal Cream which has added Argan oil so is really nice and gentle. I used to use Bliss Fuzz Off but it was seriously pricey and I didn't feel like I was getting bang for my buck. But the Nair offering is far cheaper and definitely gentler on my skin.

Lips wise, I'm a huge fan of a good lip scrub. The Lush lipscrubs are great but if I don't have one in, I just mix sugar and olive oil and give them a good scrub and then apply loads of Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip balm. 

And voila. I tend to do have one night a week where I make sure I'm sorted - then my matte lipstick applies smoother and I don't have to worry about feeling un put together. 

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