Helpful Ways To Remember To Take Your Birth Control

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When you become a young woman and you start to get your period, have hormone imbalances and the odd mood swing; it can be easy to wish you were a guy instead. Being a woman involves a lot of pain and many nights of crying for no reason at pictures of puppies on the internet, and we need as many ways to make life easier as we can.

If you are starting to use the pill as contraception this year, you might need some aids to make sure you remember to take it every day and replenish it when needed, here are some top tips for you to make sure you stay on track with your birth control this year.

1. Smartphone alarm

The most obvious way for you to make sure that you take your pill at the same time every day is to put a reminder or an alarm on your phone which will flash up and tell you what to do. However, sometimes your alarm won’t work right away and if you are in the middle of something you might leave the task until later and forget. Because of this, make sure that you create 2-3 reminders which will go off within 20 minutes to ensure you remember to take it.

2. Visual

If you know that you are terrible at remembering to take your pill at the same time every day, you need to think about putting the pill box somewhere you will see it every single day without fail. For example, there are people who put their pills in the bathroom near the shower gel, some who place it on top of their makeup bag, and some who leave the box on top of their phone overnight ready to take first thing. Placing it somewhere you visit each day is ideal.

3. Use hand in hand with a routine

The hardest thing to do when you first get on the pill is to bring it into your daily routine and be able to remember it without a prompt every single day. Before it had become commonplace in your day, you can add it as a part of your morning or evening routine such as your makeup or skincare routine. Think about adding it to your makeup bag or even where you store you skincare and eventually it will become natural that the two go hand in hand.

4. Help from friends

Friends and family members can always be helpful when you need to remember to do something, and often they will be able to come up with new ways to help you remember your pill each day. For example if you ask a friend to help they can text you at the same time each day to take your pill or tell you to do it when you see them at work. You can also help each other remember and this is a great social connection as well as making sure that you are both protected.

5. Make a list

If you are the kind of person who thrives of making lists for everything you can in life, then why not bring your pill reminder into this format? If you make a to do list every day of your life for tasks at work and chores at home, why not add ‘take my pill’ onto the list for a gentle reminder? It will make your life much easier and it will be satisfying to cross it off your list every day of the week too!

6. Apps

If you really know that you can’t be trusted to take care of things yourself, you can always use an app. Many women’s health apps will have the ability to remind you about taking your pill each day and this will be a great way for you to hand off the stress and it will allow you to make a better habit for the future.

7. Go Online

Need to replenish your stock? Don’t worry about going to the doctors to get approval before going to the chemist for your pills; there is an easier way. Instead of visiting your doctor, call them and be approved for more pills. You can then visit an online pharmacy where you can grab what you need to be delivered to your home. Rigevidon can be purchased from any registered online pharmacy and this can help you stay protected all year long. It Is far less stressful than taking time off work and it is much more convenient.

Ellie Dickinson