Bedside Beauty

I'm inherently lazy so if I'm sat in bed in my pyjamas, I'm not moving for anything (unless I'm still wearing my makeup because I'm not touching wipes). So in order to fuel my laziness habit, I leave everything I could possibly need on my bedside cabinet.

The number one thing that always has a place is nail polish (typically about eight bottles) and my Seche Vite top coat which is an essential. The top coat is ace for making sure my nails always look flawless and remain unchipped. I tend to keep neutral colours close by as they tend to be the colours I reach for the most. I currently have Essie Missmatched which is a slight off white colour - very pretty!

Hand cream is another essential as especially during winter, my hands get stupidly and annoyingly dry. My current favourite is the &OtherStories Hand Cream in Moroccan Tea which is a lovely fresh scent. The packaging is very minimalist and reminiscent of Aesop packaging. I find that putting hand cream on before bed is a great way of moisturising my hands without covering everything I touch in a greasy residue.

With winter really starting to set in (yay for layers), it's back to cleansing balms and thicker moisturisers and in my case, oils. I'm a massive fan of the Nuxe Prodigieuse Dry Oil but finished that off during summer so have currently been loving the Antipodes Divine Face Oil which is absolutely incredible. I was instantly enticed as the oil contains rosehip which is notorious for reducing scaring and redness and I can hand on heart say that I noticed a difference within the week. It's helped to smooth out my skin and reduce the number of under skin spots. A more detailed review to come soon.

Vitamins aren't so much beauty but with University starting up again soon and a new bout of Freshers hitting the streets, I refuse to catch freshers flu so have been upping my vitamin count with multivitamins and green juices in the morning. Along with the more practical side is my trusty TigerBalm. I flippin' love tigerbalm. I discovered it in Asia and It's the ultimate muscle relief and headache soother; I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I'm one of those people who if I get a headache, I literally have to go to sleep or sit in a dark room with a cool flannel over my eyes because no amount of water or paracetemol will shift them. But tigerbalm helps to dull the throb and allows a bit more civility in my life. It's a brutal orange colour and will stain white bedding (I've learnt this lesson) but a dab of this on my forehead is bound to cure all. Sidenote: also brilliant if you suffer from a sore neck from hunching over your laptop like I do as it contains menthol and helps sooth muscle pain.

And then the lipbalm. This is a new buy for me but I've been loving the Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm which is what it says on the tip, ultra nourishing. Up North, it's getting increasingly cool and windy so my lips are suffering and this is a great overnight treatment. Plus a pot is more hygienic than your standard chapstick.

And of course I have a couple of invisbobbles (which don't kink your hair) and a hair clip (or ten).

What do you keep on your bedside table?

Some of these items may have been sent to me for review. All opinions remain honest and my own. Read my disclaimer for more information.
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