The Saturday Reading List #1

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There's something rather dreamy about a Saturday morning. Say goodbye to the early morning alarms, and hello to the lazy breakfast in bed. Because there's honestly nothing more lovely than the knowledge that you have another lie in tomorrow. And with a steaming cup of Maple Cinnamon Coffee, I've been enjoying catching up on all my online reading content.

I've recently been getting into the habit of saving any interesting blog posts, ITG Posts, or articles till the weekend because I'm not in a rush and more importantly, I know I'm not skipping any tutorial readings.... 

But these are some of my favourite posts that have either struck a cord, served as #inspo or are just rather lovely.

Victoria Beckham's ITG Top Shelf. I adore all the ITG Top shelves because there's something wonderful about the candid photos & a somewhat inside insight into your favourite celebrities or vloggers beauty routines. I'm a big fan of Victoria Beckham and her top shelf was wonderful and was surprisingly not entirely her own Estee Lauder products...

The Price of Smiling for Photos - The Cut. This is quite an emotional essay by Emma Cline re the Harvey Weinstein accusations and the subsequent #MeToo movement. It discusses not only the press' reaction to the news of Weinstein but also the resultant shaming of women, despite the obvious outcry against sexual abuse. Surprisingly deep for a website like The Cut, but interesting nonetheless.

How Universal Credit is Encouraging People to ask for money online - NewStatesman. I'm going to confess - I'm not educated in the slightest on Universal credit, and to be honest, before reading Amelia Tait's article, I hadn't really thought about it. And for any of you who don't know what it is - it's basically the UK's equivalent of Social Security (includes Jobseekers, benefits etc). The article was surprisingly moving (even for a cynic like myself) and I was shocked how many people are simply being given the wrong amount (based on errors) or were stuck penniless because they hadn't received any. A fascinating insight into the lives of those who were forced onto sites like GoFundMe simply to pay rent. 

How to Financially Plan for the Festive Season - The Elgin Avenue. This post is great. I'm really into all things budgeting at the moment, and I know how much the festive season can place pressure on the ole purse strings. Some really helpful & practical tips and at the perfect time! (Sidenote: it also put me onto Cone Accounting who have an ace blog & instagram for bloggers/creatives and accounting). 

5 Tips To Becoming A Successful Fashion Blogger - FashionMumblr.  I'm in love with all the things that Josie posts. Not only are her photos absolutely dreamy but her posts are always well thought out and cohesive (surprisingly, something you don't always see!) But this post is right on the nail. I'm pretty sure Josie has had a massive amount of both Youtube and instagram growth over the past year so who better to share their tips than someone who has literally been there and done that (even in the days of the Instagram Algorthim).

Tips for Styling Every Surface - KateLaVie. I genuinely don't think there is a single human on the planet who doesn't swoon over Kate's photos and this post is no exception. Although I'm currently renting, the idea of open shelving is something that I'll definitely be looking into when I'm on the property ladder and her flat is serious inspiration. Dreamy, dreamy and full of helpful tips for styling pretty much every surface really.

Jessica Avey's Minimalism Series.  If you're a long time reader, it should be no surprise that I love all things Minimalism and I find watching decluttering/cleaning/organisational videos unbelievably therapeutic. There's something so wonderful about Jessica's videos and they seem so accessible (and not blank walls and no furniture!). If you're looking for some light watching, definitely pop this playlist on. Lovely lady, lovely content and it'll make you want to sort your life out ASAP. 

Hello, I'm Chloe & This is Who I Want To Be On The Internet - Chloe Plumstead. I absolutely adore Chloe's posts. Not only are they beautifully written, but they genuinely are thought provoking. The combination of this and beaut pictures makes her blog one of my current favourites. With a constant pressure in the blogging world to portray yourself one way or another, this post says everything I could possibly ever want to say about how people present themselves online. Just read it.

These are a few of my favourites and hopefully is the start of a new series. What have you been reading this week? Any recommendations - pop them in the comments for me!