5 Health Reasons Why Side Sleeping on a Mattress is Better


Have you ever wondered if the way you sleep impacts your good night’s rest and overall health? I admit I was curious to know if there are any connections between my sleeping position and my well-being. I did some research, read several studies and articles, and I found my answer: such links do exist.

Most scientific studies, supported by substantial evidence, conclude that side sleeping is the best choice one can make for a healthy life. Being a side sleeper myself, I was happy to learn that science approved my style! But I was still interested in the benefits of side sleeping on a mattress. What are the health reasons for recommending side sleeping to people?

In fact, all experts advise that sleeping on our left side is the best way to help our bodies stay healthy for an extended while. There are also some advantages if you sleep on your right side, so combining those two might be a good idea. It shouldn't be at all problematic since most modern beds and mattresses offer so many terrific side sleeper options that all we have to do is choose what suits us best.

Let’s check out the main five reasons for which side sleeping is healthier than other sleeping positions:

Improved digestion

Our body works even when we sleep, digestion being one of the processes that happen overnight as well. It is desirable to sleep on your left side to help the "mechanism" because, due to gravity, lying on your left allows food waste to move rightly from the large intestine into the colon. When sleeping on your left, you let your stomach and pancreas to stay in a natural position, which ensures the production of pancreatic enzymes.

Good for the heart & blood circulation

Sleeping on the left side is excellent news for both our heart and spleen. The main reason for that is also gravity – mainly its effects on our corporal fluids. Sleeping on the left improves the blood circulation to the heart, which is why doctors usually recommend this particular position to pregnant women. But it is a great sleeping position for everyone because it contributes to taking some pressure off the heart. Also, sleeping on the right side will decrease our heart rate and blood pressure, and thus we can help our heart stay healthy for a long while. But that position may also reduce the efficiency of the lymphatic system, so experts don’t advise us to stick to it for the entire night.

Pressure & back pain relief

Side sleeping helps to relieve pressure on the back (and that is another reason for which doctors usually recommend this sleeping position to pregnant women). It is also a good position for those suffering from back or neck pain because it helps release muscle tension.

Reduced heartburn

A recent medical study has concluded that sleeping on our left side contributes to reducing the acid reflux symptoms. The explanation is simple: our stomach lies on our left side. When we rest on our right side, the acid reflux symptoms aggravate. But when lying on our left side, heartburns decrease significantly. Try making a simple test: if you feel heartburn after a meal, lie down for about ten minutes, but make sure you do this on your left side.

No more snoring

When sleeping on your side (mainly the left one), snoring diminishes or completely goes away. That is fantastic for the sleeper's health, but also for the well-being (and proper rest) of the partner sleeping in the same bed.

One vital aspect that I read about when doing all that research is that you need to purchase a mattress designed for side sleeping. Such an item should be a medium firm (or even a bit soft) to help relieve pressure on the hips and the shoulders because sleeping on a side impacts those particular body parts. Also, such a mattress should support the natural alignment of the spine. Don't feel overwhelmed by the variety of products on the market: read the most accurate reviews carefully, view the top 10 mattresses reviewed (which usually are the best and most popular ones) and make an informed decision. Since it would be a long-term investment, I suggest you take your time to do the research.

Ellie Dickinson