The Saturday Reading List #2

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The Two Biggest Myths of Minimalism - No Sidebar

Whenever I post anything about minimalism on this blog, I get responses that say "but I hate white walls" or "but I like stuff" - just read this. Myths of minimalism be gone and welcome to my life.

How I Saved £3,000 in 6 Months... While Renting - Can't Swing a Cat

With Christmas approaching, everyone is trying to save what they can and I love how this breaks down how you can save even whilst renting. Ideal for anyone looking at buying a house or trying to save for a big purchase. 

Male Fashion Execs Clueless about Sexual Harrassment - The Cut

An unsurprising suggestion that men were often aware of sexual harassment, but a crucial observation in light of the recent #MeToo campaign and Weinstein accusations. 

The Best Cashmere Jumpers on the High Street - WhoWhatWear

Because who wouldn't want cashmere jumpers for a high street price. Fickle, but for jumpers that will last, worth a read.

Talking all things Advertising and Trigger Warnings on Shakespeare - David Mitchell for The Guardian

As a literature graduate, the idea of censoring Shakespeare is uncomfortable (and a trigger warning?) but as a liberal, the idea of triggers is definitely of importance. Interesting comment on the idea that the billboards in Piccadilly are going to be personalised and based on individuals. 

A response to Louis CK's new film trailer I Love You, Daddy and the impact of fetishisation - NewStatesman

A great read on the continuing misogynist trope of the fetisisation of the young girl who dates older men. Louis CK's new film trailer, with Chloe Moretz cast as the young girl and a significantly older Louis CK as the male love interest is yet another continuation of the Lolita notion. Great article, great analysis and yet another movie to completely avoid ever watching. 

Regarding the controversial Nivea commercial - Afua Hirsch for The Guardian

There were next to none on my twitter sphere that weren't incredibly offended and upset by the Nivea advert that featured a black woman who turned white after her shower... I know. And it turns out a similar idea was applied to a West African Nivea advert where a Nigerian advert discussed a "visibly lightening" skin cream. A great article that discusses racial implications as well as shadism and everything associated with it. 

Harvey Weinstein is Hillary Clinton's Fault on Literary Hub

There's been so much in the news and online about Weinstein that it's hard to stay up to date with who's written what, but this is a really interesting response on the idea of blame. Anything I say will spoil the article but it's worth a read.