My kitchen, my rules! Updating the kitchen has never been easier


The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house and because it quickly becomes the heart of every home, kitchens become tired and worn out even quicker. If you’re wanting to update your kitchen then you don’t really have to do anything extreme – which is a bit of a relief for those of us who love to cook or have busy family lives: we can’t have the kitchen out of action for too long!

There’s so much you can do with a little patience, creativity and time. Read on for some easy kitchen updates!

Your flooring

Your kitchen floor works hard for you. All those feet walking through every day, the dog scratching his paws along it, the plates, bowls, glasses and mugs that have been accidentally dropped on it, not to mention all the spills and splatters over the years. So, if you’re finally ready to retire your kitchen floor then the world is your oyster! From beautiful hardwood, to glossy laminate not forgetting a rug or two. Just don’t forget to choose a suitable floor trim when you’ve selected the flooring of your dreams!

Rethink your kitchen storage

It’s amazing how much stuff we accumulate over the years. Things that just never get thrown out, or herbs and spices that we simply never get to the bottom of! Set aside a little time to tackle those kitchen cupboards. Bin, re-use or recycle what you can and then consider rearranging what goes where. Don’t forget to clear your kitchen counters too. Or consider swapping the microwave and the toaster around.

Clearing away the clutter will give your kitchen an instant lift and it will make searching for that illusive spice a little easier!

Your windows

The kitchen window does what it says on the tin. And we do our best to make sure it’s not covered in splash from the kitchen sink or grease from those pots and pans that are bubbling away. But why not include it in your kitchen update? Invest in a brand new, made to measure kitchen blind that will go effortlessly with your new style. Wooden, Venetian, Vertical, Roman and roller, the possibilities and style options are endless!

Your appliances

How long have you had that kettle? Since you first moved out all those years ago? And wouldn’t it be nice to have a toaster that actually toasts things rather than cremates them? Investing in new kitchen appliances is a quick and fun way to uplift your kitchen space. From pastel shades to copper, chrome or a sleek black finish, your appliances will compliment your kitchen effortlessly.

Create a feature wall

Yes! Feature walls aren’t just for the living room or bedroom. The kitchen is often left out when it comes to focal points and surprising style. Simply choose a wall that you want to update and go for it. A new patterned wallpaper or a lick of gorgeously bright paint will do the trick. Don’t forget to hang some artwork and accessories too!

Ellie Dickinson