Honest Talk: Why Doesn't Your Skincare Work?


According to Mintel, women in the UK spend a whopping £1.15bn on facial skincare. It’s a lot. But, if you’re completely honest with yourself, you probably own way about £150 of skincare product in your bathroom. And that doesn’t include the beauty appointment you’ve booked for next week. In short, we care a lot about skin management. You would expect amazing results for such an investment – did you know that in your lifetime, you’re going to spend over £8,000 on skincare products only? Yet, we’re not completely satisfied with what we get. For that money, we want perfection. Unfortunately, we still struggle with oily skin, nasty outbreaks, and dark rings under our eyes. What don’t those skincare products work?

Skincare products

It does, but you need a routine

Believe it or not, but your products work. However, skincare lotions, serums, cleansing soaps, creams, and masks are not a miracle potion. You need to develop a daily routine if you want to notice positive results. From a refreshing regime when you wake up to a soothing and hydrating cocktail for the evening, consistency is crucial to a fresh and beautiful complexion. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how expensive your product is if you barely use it!

Your genes are against you

Truth be told, there’s only so much you can do for your skin. While your beauty routine plays a significant role in managing potential skin issues and delaying the first signs of ageing, your genes have a lot to answer for. If your family has a history of naturally fragile and thin skin, you are likely to develop thin lines earlier than some of your friends. Similarly, dark circles and puffiness have a genetic basis. When the genes are against you, however, you can resort to professional treatments such as cosmetic surgery abroad. As a rule of thumb, European countries offer a low-cost package compared to UK clinics for the same service.

You haven’t found the right products

You might have spent a lot of money on your skincare products, but if they’re not suitable for your skin type, you won’t be able to notice any improvement. Indeed, did you know that most people are unable to define their skin type? Buying oil-reduction products when your skin isn’t oily, for instance, can have zero effect. Additionally, if you tend to believe that a burning sensation means the product is working, you might be in for a bad surprise. When you feel an intense tingling, it means your skin is getting inflamed.

Your lifestyle is all over the place

You are what you eat. The statement doesn’t only refer to your waist size but also your overall health. Your skin is the first to show signs of bad decisions in your diet, from oiliness as a result of fat consumption to puffiness when you consume too many salty snacks. Additionally, the choices you make every day, such as skipping the gym or staying up late can also affect your skin. From tightness to darkness under the eyes, you can’t erase your unhealthy lifestyle with a facial mask!

Ultimately, skincare matters. But if you are to spend over £8,000 in your lifetime on it, make it worthy of your investment! You can’t afford to waste your money or your time on a routine that doesn’t suit your requirements.

Ellie Dickinson