Skin Revival Saviours

I'm all for instant results. I have the patience of a five year old so skincare that shows results in "just four weeks", simply doesn't cut it. But I'll stretch to two weeks. Maybe.

But sometimes when your skin hasn't been looking too fresh or if you've had a cold - it needs a bit of a revival so these are my favourite three skincare options that pep my skin up within minutes to reveal a baby soft, clear and glowy complexion.

I discuss the numerous merits of the NIOD Flavanone Mud Mask* in this post here so if you want a really overly passionate description head there. But the long and short of it is that it's amazing. It's non-abrasive mask that makes your skin tingle, therefore encouraging blood flow - it makes my skin pink for the briefest amount of time but then it's glowy softness. As it is clay, it's mildly drying so I follow this with a serum or sheet mask. The result? Skin that feels like it's been kissed by angels.

For the abrasive option, the Origins Original Skin mask is a sure win. Due to the clay properties, it not only clears out gunk but the abrasive texture as you remove it, gently exfoliates and removes any dead skin cells. It also contains rose which is great for calming redness. I wouldn't recommend this if you have anything that needs to heal as it will take you back to step one but if your skin is 'sealed', it's brilliant. Like the NIOD offering, if you follow it with a serum (like the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil) or a sheet mask, you get the dreamist baby soft skin.

And finally, when pursestrings are tight, Superdrug comes to the rescue with the B. Revealed Glycolic Peel. This is a steal for £4 and is a lovely gentle cream mask that is also incredibly refreshing. I find it sinks into skin really quickly, so if you were to wear it over night, it would act like a night cream. Glycolic acid is less for spots and more for skin texture but it leaves skin soft and glowy - which is the ideal look in the morning. 

Do you have any skincare favourites like these? Have you tried any of the above?