Style Solutions for Awkward Clothes Designed for Skinny Girls

There are many clothing styles that are pretty ubiquitous. You can find them every year, although some things might be more popular at different times. While some styles can suit almost anyone, there seem to some that are designed for skinny women. There's nothing wrong with being skinny, of course, but it does sometimes seem as if clothes are designed with them in mind. And even slimmer women often have to deal with some of the problems that arise from impractical clothes. If you find yourself struggling to wear those awkward skinny-girl items, try some of these tips to make them work.

Find the Right Boob Support

One thing you can guarantee you will always find a lot of is strapless and backless tops and dresses. They can look beautiful, especially if you want to show off your shoulders or the line of your back. But they don't work with your most supportive and trustworthy bras. One solution to try is a backless bra or strapless bra. They don't work for everyone, but if you have a smaller cup size, you can make it work. You can also attach clear straps to some strapless bras. Another option is to try a structure top or dress, like a corset, which can hold everything in place.

Look for Perfect Cover-ups

Have you struggled to find the right neckline when you buy T-shirts and other tops? High necklines can remove all shape, while low ones risk exposing too much of your cleavage. Finding a happy medium is hard, but layering is one solution you can use. Choose a lower neckline over a higher one and wear something else over or under it. You can also simply Style Solutions for Awkward Clothes Designed for Skinny Girlsget a "modesty panel", which goes underneath your neckline for a little more coverage. You can even sew a piece of extra fabric into your tops if you have some basic sewing skills.

Find a Solution for Blouses/Button-ups

A smart blouse can look amazing, whether you wear it for work or on a night out. However, finding the right size and style can be tough if you're not skinny or if there's a big difference between your bust and waist. Gaping buttons not only don't look great, but they also flash your bra at everyone too. Wearing something underneath your blouse is a possibility, but it doesn't really solve the problem. You can try a few hacks, like safety pins, special pins like Pinx, or sticky-back velcro.

Alter Those Awkward Clothes

When you find something in the store that's almost perfect except for one glaring problem, it's enough to make you want to cry. But is all hope lost? You don't have to turn something down if there's a possibility of altering it. You can get things altered professionally or, if you're willing to pick up some sewing skills, you can do it yourself. You can loosen things, shorten hems or tuck in anywhere there's too much fabric.

Don't let awkward clothing shapes put you off buying what you like. There are workarounds to get almost anything to fit.

Ellie Dickinson