Lit From Within: Minimal Makeup

With Autumn/Winter on the horizon, I think it's important not to forget the oh-so-important skin glow. Now I'm not talking full on summer makeup glow, but a paired down version looks unbelievably healthy when it's cold. Because my skin gets drier, I avoid applying too much makeup as I find it quite cloying which attracts me to more liquid/cream products. So I've started to adapt my day to day makeup to include these.

First off, the base. A good base or primer makes such a difference to makeup - I'm always an advocate of a thick moisturiser first off but then I follow this with a glowy primer. I find most primers are white based which gives an almost holographic look - great for summer, not so much winter. So look for yellow undertones. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer in Radiance ticks all the boxes. It's golden bronze and not oily looking so is ideal under any foundation or BB base.

For the coverage, I've been loving the Urban Decay Naked One and Done Complexion Perfection as it's not too high coverage but is nice and glowy whilst still managing to cover any issues. The packaging is great - it's a tube with a pump! And I love the finish. Obsessed. 

And then onto highlight. Here's where I'd normally slap on a powder highlight but I've recently discovered the MUA Undress Your Skin Illuminating Liquid Glow in Champagne. This is gorgeous and blends seamlessly with my base. I tap this on with my fingers and then go in with a beauty blender. This looks so natural and glowy but if I need an extra pop, I put a bit of Hourglass Brilliant Strobe on the top for a lovely highlight. 

For eyebrows, I've been using the Benefit Conditioning Brow Primer which I didn't like at first but I now love. It combs out my brows and makes them look plumper and sets them in place. I let it dry and then go in with the Benefit Goof Proof Eye Pencil which makes my brows look really natural and full. 

And finally, I've not been reaching for liquid liner as much as I used to but instead have been using a voluminous mascara like the MUA Define Eye Volume Mascara which has a massive brush and makes your lashes look amazing. 

What are your current makeup favourites?

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