Summer Nail Polish Colour Choices

summer nail polish choices

I'm a big nail polish person. I love having my nails painted and there is never a moment when they're completely bare - there is always at least a clear nail polish on there. But as the sun is definitely out to stay for a while, I've put away my Essie Wicked and have been swapping it for some brighter shades.

So I've compiled some of my favourite nail polish choices for Summer, most of my choices are Essie because the brush is brilliant but it's definitely not sponsored. I've been really into blue nail polish, particularly shades that are of the periwinkle variety and this Barry M Gelly NailPolish in Blueberry is something I've had for ages but the colour is brilliant and the nail polish doesn't chip very easily at all. Paired with the good ole' Seche Vite top coat, it gives an ultra shiny nail finish that lasts at least a week.

For more muted days where I insist on wearing black and refuse to add too much colour into my ensemble, I love a good nudey/natural colour. Essie Periculum Please is a wonderful peach toned nail polish that is just different enough to my skin tone that it adds a little something but it's low maintenance enough that I can go two weeks without having to redo my nails.

And finally, a bright. I'm a big fan of red toned nail polish and this Essie Double Breasted Jacket looks hot pink in some light and red in others so it's quite a different colour. It's very classic and I really love wearing it with white as it just adds something different to an outfit.

What are some of your favourite summer nail polish choices?

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