Summer Sunglasses Choices

I'm a bit of a sunglasses addict and honestly when the sun is out, I love wearing a good ole' pair of sunnies. As I wear a lot of black, I've recently become obsessed with coloured mirrored sunglasses which are great for adding something to an all black ensemble. These are by no means all of my sunglasses, they're just my favourite choices for summer.

The pair of sunglasses I've always turned to have to be my Ray Ban Aviators in Large. Nothing beats a classic pair of aviators as they just go with any outfit and make anything look badass. They're definitely a more relaxed style but I love how large they are - they manage to hide half my face which makes me feel like a 2000s Paris Hilton and I'm not complaining.

Quay Australia have been a fairly new discovery for me (yet again late on the bandwagon) as they provide a great range of sunnies that don't break the bank. My first pair of Quay sunnies were the My Girl style which were so coveted and everyone had them. I love the cat eye type style and find that they really make any outfit look at least slightly chic. These have scratched slightly which is really irritating but fortunately it's not too noticeable. I think this shape looks good on anyone and adds a 60s glam to any outfit.

The newest pair to my collection has to be the Quay x Amanda Steele Muse Sunglasses. Damn, Ellie, back at again with the oversized aviators. I adore these. The lenses are absolutely huge - far bigger than my black Ray Bans - but they look so chic. I feel a little bit like a bug but I wouldn't have it any other way. These are the perfect size and shape that avoid making my face look too round which is exactly what I need. They also come in silver....

Are you a sunglasses person? Any favourites?