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5 Essential Pieces of Tech for Bloggers

Blogging is unsurprisingly very tech-based. With the whole premise of a blog relating directly to the internet, there is a definite reliance on all things tech! From a laptop to something to take photos with, I thought I'd break down my five essential pieces of tech - and try and dispell the idea that being a blogger requires all of the fancy equipment when in reality, it's all about having a few items that are multi-purpose. 

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The Best Blogging Networks to Earn Money From

Ya girl has been blogging for over 4 years now, and it seems like I've seen networks come and go. And genuinely, I sometimes receive four or five emails a week asking me to sign up to a new community or network that is 'guaranteed' to make me money. They never do. But I thought I'd share the best networks & pages that have actually earned me money - and have withstood time...

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The BEST Sites for FREE Styled Stock Images

There’s something about a defined blog aesthetic that has me adding it to my favourites. And a huge component of an aesthetic is the imagery. Whether this is due to a colour scheme or there’s a certain style about the pictures – good imagery is so important.

But with winter rapidly approaching, sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day or enough daylight hours to get the perfect picture, which is where stock images come into play.

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