The MUST-HAVE Blog Content Planner

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Pinterest has yet again slid into my favourites bar, not only for the consistently beautiful imagery but as an incredible source of inspiration. I suppose I'd felt slightly stuck with this blog. The light wasn't being helpful for taking photos and I don't wear as much makeup as I once did. But along with a bout of new pinterest boards (follow me hun), came waves of inspiration.

Which led into the creation of a Blog Content Planner.


Because let's be honest, I spent literally an hour trying to find an aesthetically pleasing, editable blog planner that wasn't a spreadsheet. And there aren't any. So I made one.

Behold, the Ultimate Blog Content Planner.

It's a six page planner featuring targets, goals, statistics, income, expenses. The things that you need. It's an editable PDF file - you can edit it on Adobe Reader or Preview so there's no need to print off 100 pages (but you totally can if you wish!)

Some of the pages will need to be multiplied eg monthly targets, hence why it seems so short!

All you have to do to get what I genuinely think is an awesome planner, is to sign up to my mailing list. Simple! This means you'll receive a monthly newsletter from yours truly full of favourite posts, some of my new posts and things I'm loving. All the good stuff. Pinky promise.

I spent a really long time on this and wanted to make sure it was things you'd genuinely use but of course, please let me know if there's anything crucial that I've missed!

Please let me know what you think - I would love all your feedback and can definitely get working on more resources/printables soon!