Choosing The Right Trainer for YOU

Buying trainers for the gym is quite possibly one of the most intimidating things ever because there are just so many trainers. Buying trainers just to look cute in is slightly more easy but when you actually want to use them for getting a bit of a sweat on, it's not a walk in the park.

I've never thought much about the trainers I wear - if they don't wreck my feet and fit, they're fine. But it wasn't until I actually started training properly with Darren, my PT (find him here and herethat I was really noticing how much of an impact my shoes made. 

For the cardio queen: I must admit, if you're a cardio queen, good for you... But if your gym sessions are packed with running, jumping, spinning and everything in between, you really want a pair of trainers that is supportive and that won't wreck your knees. If you can, pop into your local sports shop as many will actually have you do the treadmill test and will advise if you need an insole or anything like that. But yes for the cushion. You need a trainer that protects.

For the weightlifter: With a newfound interest in heavy weights (I squatted 80kg on the Smith machine the other day!!!), I realised how important it was to have a completely flat shoe. When you're lifting heavy, you really don't want to mess with your muscle alignment and risk your form being out subsequently risking injury. I have these Nike's and they're brilliant. The sole is really flexible and pretty much completely flat. Great for squats.

For the 'a lil bit of everything': You've got it easy. Basically any trainer will do the job! I'd still advise a slight cushioning and support as you really don't want to risk an injury. Have a shop around - Zalando is great for sportswear and they do student discount. Eeek!

Ellie Dickinsonfitness, lifestyle