Dressing for Transitional Weather


It’s that awkward point of the year in the UK where it looks so sunny that it could be summer, but has the same temperature as the depths of winter – it’s somewhat confusing. But transitional weather doesn’t always mean dressing in a winter coat so thick you’ll sweat or freezing in a dress with no tights. So here are the things you should look for when considering transitional dressing.


Transitional weather can often mean that a freezing cold morning with ice can become a warm sunny day – the trick to conquering both is layering. As we tiptoe towards summer, I love layering a thinner jumper over a long sleeve dress, paired with a pair of comfortable ankle boots. Paired with a chic coat, this is a great way to be warm in the morning but is worn in a way that allows layers to be removed easily. Dresses are often cooler to wear than fitted trousers, so this allows for an easy transition from cold to warm.

Know your fabric

Did you know that different types of fabrics are warmer than others? This is 100% worth looking out for when buying knitwear as acrylic can be stifling hot, whereas cashmere is far more breathable. As we reach ambiguous temperatures, reach for breathable fabrics that work in hot or cold – and avoid a layer of sweat under your clothing. Same applies for socks and thermals. If you’re still wearing thermals, look for items labelled ‘hot or cold’ for the best breathability.

Switch footwear

An outfit that may be too warm to wear, can go from winter wear to spring wear by switching from heavy boots to trainers. Where boots can make feet feel like they’re baking, trainers add a spring like feel without being too physically hot to wear….

Jumper, meet jacket.

Whilst it may seem weird pairing a heavy jumper with a jacket, this can be the easiest way to update your look for spring. Throwing a leather jacket over a thick jumper gives enough warmth whilst allowing an easy escape if it gets too hot. An easy win.

What are some of your favourite ways to update your wardrobe for transitional weather? Any key pieces of advice I’ve missed?

Ellie Dickinson