Five Places You Should Have On Your Bucket List To Visit

For those of you who love to travel, there are certain places to note down on your bucket list and to tick off along the way. So here are five places to have on your bucket list to visit.


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There are plenty of reasons as to why you should travel to India, the main one being the variety of food that’s on offer. No other country can quite compare with the range of cuisine that India has. From discovering new traditional delicacies to the classic favourites we find in our own country, this will be a trip that you’ll need to head straight to the gym for afterwards. The Taj Mahal is a must-see, not to mention Udaipur which is known as the romantic city of lakes.


There are some fabulous cities within Italy, and because the country is fairly small, you can travel from Rome to Florence and Florence to Milan in the space of a day or two. In Rome alone, you have over fifty historic monuments, and locations available to visit and these historic places are unlike anything you’ll ever see. Venice is another popular spot to visit in Italy but be wary that due to rising sea levels, there seems to be more flooding in this city than ever before. It is, however, a stunning city.


Whether it’s swimming in the Great Barrier Reef or visit the iconic Sydney Opera House, you visit Australia. One thing that puts off a lot of people visiting is the amount of travel that’s required. However, it’s certainly worth the long flights! Gold Coast is a great spot for those of you who surf and Melbourne are perfect for those wanting to learn about the history and culture of this country.

New York

New York is certainly a destination to indulge yourself as a tourist. There’s so much to see and do within this area of the US, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. When travelling to New York, you’ll likely want to have at least five days to enjoy everything it has on offer. Some recommendations would be Top Of The Rock, Staten Island, The 9/11 Memorial Museum and taking a trip into Times Square. If you’re a fan of theatre, this is the perfect place to catch a show on Broadway by visiting the TKTS booth.


Iceland is a great spot to go to if you want to explore more sightseeing on foot. Most notably, the popular thing to see in Iceland is the Northern Lights. Those who are visiting Iceland are recommended to explore at night as most of tourist hot spots will be very busy during high season. If you don’t like the idea of exploring alone at night, there’s plenty of guides available to take you to the best places in a group.

So make sure you note down these five locations for your bucket list and visit them as soon as you can. There’s so much just waiting to be explored!

Ellie Dickinson