Lunch at Vapiano | #EatPastaRunFaster

If you follow my twitter, you're bound to know that I've recently embarked on a bit of a fitness journey and have been consistently going for about 1 month now (which is pretty much a record for me!) Going to the gym or attending a spinning class has really settled well into my routine and it's something I'm really enjoying and something that is definitely becoming far more engrained in my day to day living.

So when I was invited to try out Vapiano in the Corn Exchange in Manchester, I leapt at the chance as pizza and pasta is. my. thing. So I booked in for the Sunday (Cheat day anyone?) and dragged my brother along to give it a try. The whole concept of Vapiano is quite unique for the UK, upon entry, each person is given a card which they swipe at each food station and then pay on the way out - each person given the option to pay individually if they wish - Ideal for splitting the bill!

I was invited along because of Vapiano's new campaign put together by Dietician Dr Sarah Schenker who has devised a diet plan that provides the perfect amount of carbohydrates that fuel runners but mean that you don't feel sluggish. I'm a huge advocate for carbs so this was music to my ears! Unfortunately as the queue for the pasta stall was so long, my brother and I went for Pizza instead.

Food wise, there is something for everyone. My brother and I shared two starters, an Antipasti dish that consisted of various cured meats, mozarella, a salady bit and the most divine bread I've ever eaten and an asparagus salad that was also delicious.

For the main course, we both went for Pizza, settling on the Proscuitto e Fungi which is a classic ham and mushroom Pizza. But it was so good. The crust was thin and light and although the pizza was physically huge, it didn't feel stodgy or heavy like your classic Dominoes. 

I would definitely recommend heading over, the restaurant is stunningly beautiful and so light and airy and the food is definitely worthwhile tasting!