Enjoying A Luxurious Holiday Without A VIP Budget

Just because you do not have a VIP budget does not mean you cannot enjoy a luxurious vacation to remember. If you dream of visiting somewhere lavish yet you are on a tight budget, don’t fret - you can still make your travel dream a reality. Read on to discover some useful pieces of advice that will help you to enjoy a luxurious holiday without a five-star budget.

  1. Book ahead - Booking ahead is a must. Gone are the days whereby leaving your holidays until the last minute was the best way to secure an amazing deal. Nowadays, every time a number of seats are taken up on the plane or in the hotel, the prices will go up.

  2. Don’t dismiss flight layovers - Yes, flight layovers can be inconvenient and extend your travel time, but they can save you a good chunk of money too.

  3. Shop around - You can find cheap flights and accommodation if you shop around. Consider travel agencies and flight portals that are outside of your typical search realms.

  4. Sign up to newsletters and keep your eyes on the lookout for deals - The best way to make sure you never miss out on any of the big deals is to sign up for the newsletters of all of your favourite travel websites. This will ensure you receive a notification whenever they have a sale or special offer running.

  5. Maximise your money - As well as looking for different ways to save money on the cost of your holiday, you should also look for various ways to maximise the money you have available to you for your trip. You could look online for some freelancing jobs to do in the evenings or on the weekend, for example. Other options include renting out your driveway, taking paid surveys, and selling some of your belongings.

  6. Avoid unnecessary frills - If you cut back on the unnecessary frills, you will have more money available to spend on the things you really want from your holiday. Some unnecessary frills include hotel rooms with free cancellations, purchasing hold luggage when it’s not needed, paying for flight seat selection, hotel transfers, and in-flight meals.

  7. Look for luxury hotel openings - Last but not least, one of the best ways to stay in a luxury hotel without paying the usual inflated prices is to look for new openings. If a new hotel is being opened, you can rest assured that there will be special deals on while they try to get people through the door.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways that you can make sure you get more for your money when going on holiday. While you may not have a bank account that is bursting at the seams, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy the perfect holiday for you. From securing cheap flights to booking in advance, there are lots of different tactics you can use to your benefit.

Ellie Dickinson