Zoella Beauty: From the Perspective of a Grown Woman

One thing I always pride myself on is my ability to be honest so I had to really think about what I wanted to say in this post to make sure that it was evident that I was being entirely truthful. Don't get me wrong, I bloody love Zoella - her vlogs are my favourite thing to have on in the background whilst I do my makeup and I think it's highly commendable how far she's come (but I refuse to use that Team Internet hashtag. No thanks.) But I am very dubious about some of the products released. I was unbelievably annoyed about the whole ghost writing scandal and so when I decided that I wanted to try her bath/beauty range, I didn't want to buy it all in case it was rubbish because let's face it, it's not cheap.

I only bought two products initially, and very much decided that if worthwhile, I'll buy more - I didn't buy more. The first thing I grabbed was the My Eden candle which was £10!!!!!!!!! Call me frugal but I find candles akin to burning money and although the cardboard packaging was cute, the candle is simply in a glass - no frills about it. It does however, smell nice. It's reminiscent of Marc Jacobs Daisy which is my favourite scent ever so I got over my bitterness and bit the bullet. There's nothing special about it. When burning, you can't really smell it so I think I should have gone for the diffuser. But hey, it's photogenic so I'll use it as a prop till it burns out. I'm impartial - I think for £10, it's pushing it and I'd rather buy two or three candles from Primark.

And then onto the Double Creme which I don't think is too popular as it was half price in Superdrug.... I must admit, I went into two Superdrugs and the big Boots in Manchester and they didn't really stock much of her range so I did go for the photogenic products (and I don't have a bath so my options were limited). But the Double Creme seemed nice (and would suit my instagram theme if it was rubbish). This again, is fine. It's nothing to scream from the rooftops - it has quite a sickly scent - I didn't catch the whole 'macaron vibe' that it was meant to smell like but it was fine. It left my skin quite sticky for quite a while and the smell disappeared after application but it was fine. Nothing revolutionary, no reference to qualities that might soften your skin but hey, it'll look good in your shower. 

So there was a reason I didn't buy any more. I wasn't blown away and although the range is meant to be inclusive of my age group, I think it's definitely more the novelty of having a bit of Zoella in your home as opposed to buying the product for the sake of the product. I'm not completely against the products, I'm not going to be snatching them out of people's hands but I'm impartial. For what they are, I think there are cheaper options on the highstreet, but hey, I might have just chosen dud products.

Have you tried any Zoella Beauty? Do you have any thoughts? Should I try any other products?