The Importance of Being Unapologetic

I say sorry loads. I apologise in the gym, I apologise if someone bumps into me, I apologise if I'm upset. I say sorry for everything. And it wasn't until a friend asked me why I was actually sorry that I realised I had absolutely no reason to be. Why was I apologising to the obnoxious man that elbowed me in the street? He should be apologising to me! So I stopped apologising.

Although I'm back this week with a vengeance, I was on a semi-hiatus and I felt the need to apologise. I apologised because I was sick in bed wanting to do nothing else but claw out my throat and sip hot ginger tea. Nah, I shouldn't be sorry.

But hey, here I am, back again, energised and ready to get back on my blogging game after recharging and getting rid of a lingering cold that has now been present for the past two weeks.

So no real message to the post but next time you want to apologise, it might be worth asking why you're doing it? Is it a reflex or are you actually sorry? If it's a reflex, try and snap out of it and try and make sure you're apologising for the right reason. Maybe then the word won't lose it's significance. 

Are you a serial apologiser like myself?