A Look at Sunkissed Makeup

As a beauty blogger, I love trying new brands. I love new makeup but a new brand makes things that little bit more unpredictable and exciting. 

So when Sunkissed reached out to me to ask if I wanted to try their tan (*gulp*) or makeup, I wiped the sweat off my brow and said yes to the makeup. The name of the brand instantly appealed because I loveee a good bronzey glow so if they could deliver this based on their name, I was up for it. 

Let's go through the things I was sent so I can talk you through the highs and lows. But to start with, let's talk packaging. In the nicest way possible, it's very highstreet. It reminds me of brands like Seventeen and Barry M - definitely targeted at the lower end of the 15-25 bracket. It's fun, bright and colourful. Very much what you would expect to see in Superdrug.

First off, the Beautiful Bronze palette. This palette features eyeshadows, a bronzer and highlight. Again, packaging is quite plastic and cheap but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the eyeshadows. They're all cool toned smokey colours but are so soft and buttery that they blend like a dream. However, the bronzer is far too orange toned for my skin and although not that much pigment transfers, it's still too warm. The highlight is really pretty and champagne toned but has a bit too much glitter for my liking. Yay to the eyeshadows (although would love a matte colour) and a nay to the bronzer/highlight. Not really a hit for me but I feel like it would be more suited for a younger audience.

But I adore the Bronze Architect palette. This is very much no frills with a contour, bronze, blush and highlight pan. I think for the price point, this is pretty brilliant. I'm not a massive fan of the bronze colour but I love the contour colour for a darker bronzing colour. The blush is a lovely pale pink and perfect for the colours I love to wear. The highlight is definitely quite sparkly so definitely a night out highlight for me but it's so pretty. The packaging is a standard magnetic-cardboard number so again very highstreet. 

And then onto my favourite thing, the High Lights Liquid Highlight which I believe only comes in one pink toned colour which is gorgeous if you have pink undertones in your skin and like a more natural glow. It reminds me a lot of the Benefit Moon Beam with it's pink colour but fortunately, it's not too glittery but gives a natural radiance. I'm a big fan of liquid highlights as they're very natural and glowy as opposed to harsh streaks you can end up with from a highlight. It's a yes from me - although Sunkissed, more champagne shades in this please!

So there you have it, my honest and trialled views of a few Sunkissed products. Have you tried any?

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