Laser Experience with @LaserChicMcr

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I have dark hair, so when Summer rolls around, shaving my legs & underarms is very much a necessity. So when Laser Chic got in touch to ask if I'd be interested in trying a 6 session course of underarm laser treatment, I jumped at the opportunity.

I've never had any sort of laser experience before so I was rather apprehensive about my first consultation as I had no idea what to expect and I'm sure as you can imagine, the underarm is fairly sensitive.

Each session is done 6 weeks apart to allow for a hair growth cycle and due to the size of the underarm area, each underarm only takes about 5 minutes.

I've had two sessions now (you'll see two more blog posts), and quite honestly, it's not pain-free but it's bearable. It feels like a rubber band is being snapped against your skin but honestly it's over so quickly it's worth it.

Two sessions in and I've already noticed a huge difference - I've maybe shaved once or twice but the hair texture is so fine compared to what it used to be like, (they're like baby hairs in comparison), shaving is very much not necessary! 

Considering I have four more treatments to come, I'm so excited to see the progress and I couldn't recommend Laser Chic enough. It's located in Didsbury village and is easily accessible by Tram & bus. The therapist, Kelsey, is absolutely lovely and her calm demeanour definitely made the experience far more enjoyable! The location is ideal and the interior is so clean & classic - which is exactly what you want!

Watch this space for two more updates on how everything is going.