The Three Products for a Flawless Complexion


As much as I love skincare, I can't stand it when typically foolproof products don't do anything. There is honestly nothing worse than badly behaving skin and with starting a new job (hello dry office) and moving house, it's safe to say that the stress & new environment is showing in my skin. And boy did I break out and in the worst places possible. I was hating everything.

But then I stumbled across an article on Byrdie (I can't find it, I'm so sorry) which had a quote from a dermatologist who basically said that you should adjust your skincare to go with your life - you shouldn't just be using the same products day in day out. So at a last resort, I decided to rejig my skincare. Now, loads of things didn't change - I still adore my Una Brennan Super Facialist Cleansing Oil so I really made the changes in my night time routine - the products that would be sitting on my face the longest.

The first thing was La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo which is like a moisturiser meets spot treatment. I apply this to any spots, pigmentation or bumpy bits. It claims to reduce pigmentation & imperfections and it honestly has. I've been using this now for about two weeks and it even has helped reduce nasty under skin spots that are just painful. It's also helped reduce actual spots and any scaring that was still clinging on from my teenage years. I apply this half an hour before I apply my makeup and in the evening after I take off my makeup.

Then because of a drier office environment - the aircon is absolutely freezing so my skin has had a panic and is unbelievably dry, I've been upping my night time moisture routine. Obviously, the Effaclar Duo is a moisturiser, but it doesn't cut a saharan skin desert. I normally leave the Effaclar on for as long as possible before the Origins Drink Me Up Intensive Overnight MaskThis used to be my go to until it ran out and i just never bought a new one. But it's back in my life. I apply this so it looks white on my face and then try and let it sit for half an hour for my skin to absorb it before bed. It sinks in incredibly quickly, I just want to avoid it wiping off onto my pillow. The trick to making spots clear up is to keep them moisturised - if they dry out, it can lead to scarring. 

And then a step I've been loving lately and talked about in my supplements post, Zinc Tablets. I've been taking them orally for a while now but I've also been creating a zinc "mask". If ever I have really bad texture on my skin, I crush up about four tablets, mix the tiniest bit of water to create a paste and apply it to the textured areas or any serious spots. I leave it on for as long as I can and I find it really helps reduce texture significantly and quite quickly! 

So whilst my skin still isn't perfect, it's now well on it's way to regaining a coveted glow, but the important thing is that no more blemishes are appearing. What are your favourite ways to achieve a flawless complexion?