Beach Essentials This Summer



Finally, the summer is just around the corner! That means sun, sea, and sand. Oh, and maybe a cocktail or ten. It's been a ridiculously long winter, full of snow, rain, and even hail, but things are now finally starting to warm up and we're able to get our toes out on show a little without the worry of getting frostbite.

The sun is a very powerful thing. It doesn't just give you a tan and feel nice as it caresses your skin - it has a huge impact on your mentality and way of thinking. Waking up to the cold, looking out of the window to see grey skies and wet grass is pretty depressing, and that feeling is what sets our day, so it's rather hard to have a positive one as it starts so dull. Whereas when you wake up and the sun is shining through your curtains, feeling the warm patterns paint across your face - it's happy. You instantly feel ready to take on the day, and our moods are happy.

So think about the benefits of going on holiday and waking up like that every single day, only to find you have a three-minute walk until you get to dip your feet into the sapphire sea. Just make sure that you have everything you need for the beach, as you'll most likely be spending most of your time there.

Here are the essentials.

Good swimwear

Let's face it, this is what we tend to spend hours out of our weekends to find. You need, the ultimate, swimwear. First of all, you will want to think about comfort. A lot of girls tend to skip this rule because they just want to look good, but lying in a piece of tight material under the hot sun is a nightmare if you're not comfortable - it isn't worth it. So think about what your body needs first - then you can look at the glamorous side of things. Think about your body shape as well as the 'support'. The last thing you want are your girls to keep making an appearance, so always try things on before you buy to be on the safe side too.

Good footwear

Now of course, you don't necessarily need to wear anything on your feet once you hit the beach, but for a lot of you, you don't like having that sensation of wet sand building up between your toes. Sometimes, the sand itself is also very hot, to the point of it burning your soles, so you may want to opt for some sandals for the beach. You can go with something that still adds to your style, while providing you all the comfort you need, as well as being breathable which is very important as you don't want your feet to feel confined inside of something all day. There are many different styles out there that you can go for, all depending on the look you want to achieve, so have a browse and see what best suits you.

Good hat

A lot of the time when out in the sun, our faces are the ones that are hit first and start to tan, usually a lot quicker than our bodies. This can be rather annoying sometimes because it means that our foundation has to vary in many different shades, as well as mixing our own. One good way to avoid this is with a sun hat so that it shades your face. What's great about these is that they look like you're making a fashion statement, which is essentially something we always want to achieve, but you know the real reason you're wearing it. You can also avoid that really gross feeling of having your hair stick to the sweat on your neck and back, because you can wrap it up inside the hat so it doesn't touch you at all.

Good SPF

Sunscream, suncream, and more suncream. Of course, a lot of you will be going away to catch a golden tan, but you still need to make sure you're protected. If you want to get your glow, then just opt for a lighter coverage of SPF, as a pose to a factor fifty. Make sure that you cover your whole body and face in it so that you don't burn. If you plan on wearing makeup, use it as a moisturiser first, or even a primer. Wait for about five minutes so that your face has time to soak it in, and then you can apply your makeup as usual.

Ellie Dickinson