10 Digital Resources That Make Blogging A Breeze

I'm a big web surfer and spend more time than I'd like to admit on Pinterest, and have stumbled across so many great tips and tricks that I decided to collate into one big blog post to help you all.

  1. BufferI think this is pretty much a no brainer so I wanted to get it out of the way straight away. Schedule your tweets. A digital exec once said that you should push a blog post or youtube video at least ten times on social media. 
  2. LatergramThis is a new one for me but I've been doing it with a brand and it's really changed my social media strategy. It essentially schedules your instagram posts but as instagram hasn't given permissions for programs to schedule, instead you get a notification on your phone and just hit "Post" and it posts the picture & caption you'd planned. It also gives you the chance to preview your feed with all the pictures. Great for if you occasionally forget to post a picture despite being on instagram 24-7.
  3. WunderlistWunderlist is another newbie to my arsenal, but it's incredible for to-do lists, particularly if you're working with anyone else as you can share lists with people. There's something really therapeutic about ticking something off a to do list and this organises all your to-do lists together.
  4. FontSquirrelI love a good font but there is no way that I will ever pay for them and whilst there are loads of free font websites out there, FontSquirrel is by far the best. You have the option to pay what you want for a font if you wish, but otherwise they're free.
  5. LiveCounts:  If you have a Youtube channel, you may not know that your subscriber count doesn't update straight away but if you want instant, real time results, livecounts does just this!
  6. Elle&Co Branding Guide: If you're wanting to take your blog to a whole new level, then branding is a great step forward but it can be a bit of a headache to understand. Elle&Co have a seriously helpful guide to branding which makes everything far easier to understand.
  7. ConvertKit Again, if you're going seriously professional with your blog, ConvertKit is my go to for mailing lists as it's designed for bloggers. Whilst MailChimp is great, ConvertKit is designed for bloggers so it has all the things you could ever want and need. And anyone can use it.
  8. DesignLoveFest   This is less of an essential resource but it's great for if you ever find yourself sucked into a blogging lull and end up needing a bit of a pep up. Full of incredible digital downloads for phones & desktops, it's great for improving your whole aesthetic (that you can then photograph for your blog). I find myself scrolling through this on the regular as I'm addicted to changing my desktop wallpaper.
  9. FanpageKarma Facebook social sharing is always a bit of a downer and I don't think many people can really get their Facebook page going (if Zoella only has 100,000 Facebook likes, what hope is there) but FanpageKarma is great for Facebook analytics. The first 14 days are free and trust me, thats enough to work out what you need to do to sort it out.
  10. Creating Your Media Kit  Media Kits are something that seemed to have disappeared but I find myself being asked about them time and time again - it's something useful to have (just in case) and this guide is great for determining what you need to include in it. It's really not that tricky but it's helpful to have someone in the know guide you through it.
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