When Hair Care Meets Style

Considering I'm a beauty blogger, hair is often the last thing on the agenda and I very much swing in roundabouts regarding shampoo & conditioners and whether I go high end or low end. But the main thing is time. I don't have a lot of time on my hands and I really don't like faffing about with my hair - it needs to be quick and simple with minimal faff.

So when these two Duck & Dry products landed on my desk, I was excited because they were post hair wash products that didn't involve anything special (plus the packaging is pastel perfection). Also, Duck&Dry is the hairdresser favourite of the Made in Chelsea cast, so there's that!

My ultimate favourite has to be the TLC Leave in Conditioner which is a really great detangler and ideal if you have seriously dry ends like I do. I spray it into damp hair and then let it sit for a bit before blow drying my hair. I would seriously recommend this as the spray is really fine and really moisturising. I find that if I spray it in my roots, it can look oily so tend to avoid anywhere that isn't dry.

I've also tried the Blow Dry in a Bottle Mega Volume Spray which is good but it does leave my hair feeling like it has product in it - great for nights out but not brilliant for everyday. When I use it, I spray it in my roots, let it sit for a bit and then blast it with my hairdryer to get more volume in my roots, which is where I struggle.

All in all, they're very multipurpose products and make styling that little bit easier! Do you have any favourite hair care + style products?