Ellie Update: Bodnant Gardens

Recently, during the exceptionally warm summer months, my family took a trip to North Wales where we stopped off at the National Trust property of Bodnant Gardens which has to be one of the most beautiful locations I have seen!

The gardens sported a wide collection of flowers which were a beautiful burst of colour as a result of the warm weather but amongst the flowers were several fountains and statues which only added to the charm of the place. However, aside from the gardens, there is a large house decorated naturally by creeping Ivy that covers a large portion of it, although we did not venture into it, opting to take advantage of the dry weather!

Of course, I took the opportunity to be artsy with my camera so enclosed are several of my favourite shots, but alas due to the exceedingly long room tour post, there are less than five so that you don't break the scroll button on your mouse!

Have you gone anywhere for summer?