UPDATED Room Tour August 2013

[Red throw from Tu at Sainsburys, assorted throw cushions also from Sainsburys, bedding from Ikea, bedside table and chest of drawers from Ikea, lamp from Ikea, storage system on chest of drawers also from Ikea]

[Basket (where I store my hats and beanies) from Ikea, fairy lights from Ikea, candles from Ikea, earring storage from a market in Thailand, standing necklace stand from Thailand.]

[Mirror and makeup storage from Ikea.]

[Assorted bags: Longchamp tote, black structured tote, NewLook satchel, dressing gown from M&S.]

[My beautiful wardrobe; wooden hangers from Ikea.]

[Shoe rack from Ikea, basket for various hair tools from Ikea and various shoes from various shops.]

[Candles on the mantlepiece in Vanilla from Tu at Sainsburys, assorted jewellry from Pandora, Tiffany and Sphere of Life, elephant figurines from Thailand, assorted perfumes (Daisy by Marc Jacobs, Fame and Dreams Unlimited by The Body Shop) assorted body sprays and body butters,  and general dermatologist prescribed skin things.]

As promised, here is a rather long post featuring my new room! I said I would never post anything with more than five pictures but they were rather necessary in this case; so apologies for the load of scrolling. As you can probably tell, I went with a red and cream theme which goes rather well with the already present natural tones of the room (the brown feature wall and brown curtains). 

I had great fun in Ikea choosing a vertical, thin chest of drawers and matching beside cabinet as they were very much needed for extra storage! I also chose two sets of bedding; the floral one on my bed and another cream one with a subtle purple pattern on it; once again going with the theme.

When living in Asia, due to our houses being primarily rentals, it was tricky to full decorate rooms due to housing restrictions hence why I had enjoyed decorating this room so much! Well, not so much decorating but buying little knick-knacks to make it more me; as my mum refers to it, the nesting process.

Nesting was definitely key to settling in a bit and I am much more at home for my room where I shall be staying for the next year! What do you think?