Wearing Those Floral Trousers

I must admit, I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about this outfit.

Floral trousers are so cute, and these ones from Primark are so gorgeous but I do feel a bit silly walking around in them, but mind you, I'm a girl who lives in jeans (literally). Teamed with a satin cami (also Primark) and some strappy sandals from Primark, the colours look gorgeous and make it perfect for summer but I somehow doubt I'll be wearing this often. Don't get me wrong, if I was 5"11 and a size 4 I think I would wear this outfit daily because the trousers are so comfortable but they still feel a bit like pyjamas as they have an elasticated waist. But oh well.

I've seen similar looks styled with a cropped peplum bralette and leather jacket which looks so cute for a more wearable daily look so I'll play around with them but no promises that you'll see me on the highstreet wearing this...

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