Skin Care 101: The Face Mask

Ah face masks. You may remember that I included a couple of face masks in my June (I think) favourites post because well, somehow having something sit on my face for ten minutes and the idea that it draws out the bad toxins and whatnot really appeals to me - which is why I constantly search for face masks and end up in that aisle in Boots.

However, one little qualm is the scent of face masks and I sometimes wonder what it'd be like if I could actually create my own. Montagne Jeunesse is giving you that opportunity with their #MakeYourMask competition - AND you can win a trip to Paris!

Have you ever thought you could create a face mask that offers skin benefits and makes you feel great? The face mask experts at Montagne Jeunesse have launched a competition to find the next big thing to join their face mask range, and they want your help!

Which ingredients would you put in your dream face mask? Avocado, berries, coconut, cream? Share your secret with them by snapping a photo of your ingredients and uploading using the hashtag #MakeYourMask to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through the entry form below:

Here is the facebook link for the competition if you want a little gander:

The winner could end up having their very own mask joining the MJ range as well as see themselves off to Paris! No pic, no worries! Just tell us what you'd use to #MakeYourMask in the caption box!

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