Freshers Week Loobook #2

[Top: ASOS | Skirt: ASOS | Shoes: New Look | Clutch: New Look | Blazer: Primark]

In all honesty this is probably my favourite outfit from the entire lookbook as it is so me and so definitely something I would wear without a doubt! 

The looseness of the camisole is perfect with the fitted skirt because it means that you kind of balance out the tight part and it also means that I feel slightly more conservative. Plus, the blazer made me feel so much more comfortable with the entire outfit as I didn't feel like I was showing everything off! The blazer is like a crepe fabric so isn't structured and is beautifully light but still keeps the chill off. 

The ankle boots/heels are from New Look and I've had them for ages! The heel is thick enough that I'm not terrified of it snapping off so I'm definitely quite a confident walked in them! Plus the ankle boot look makes me feel a bit more rock and roll (it probably doesn't but whatever).

Once again, the necklace has made an appearance as it does just jazz up the outfit. Although in reality if I were going out, I'd wear a simple pendant instead as it is a noisy necklace and jangles all over the place!

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